SOUND COLLECTIVE is a close-knit, far-flung crew of MUSICIANSARTISTS and UNDERCOVER OPERATIVES intent on creating authentic and compelling music and sound for TV COMMERCIALS,BROADCASTWEBDIGITALFILM and GAMING


Lucas Van Lenten
Executive Producer

We’re all about letting our day job and our night-vision overlap and feed each other. We work very hard to realize the creative aspirations of our clients but we’re also not afraid to be honest and communicate a different point-of-view. If you want to be knocked out with strongly original, evocative audio, you’ve come to the right place.

Many of our friends and peers are indie artists or bands that you’ve probably heard of (or already love). It’s our life’s goal to get their brilliant work heard by as many people as possible. If you need a music search, or help administering a license, please get in touch with us and we will make magic happen within your budget and without the bureaucratic hassles.





Sound Collective was started by former Elias Arts and Singing Serpent Composer/Creative Director Lucas Van Lenten. After many  years in the trenches of the NYC commercial music world, an idea began to germinate; a way to combine and distill the best creative and production practices into a vibrant and creative home for his insanely talented friends, collaborators and peers. Stay tuned for photos and bios of some of the key players.

Sound Collective’s main production facility is in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Many of our composers and collaborators live and work in Brooklyn but we also have close relationships with composers and studios in many other timezones, hemispheres and correctional facilities.

We have an open, trust-based relationship with our creative and production teams. We pay people based on their contributions, not their status or title. We also strongly encourage collaboration and cross-pollination on projects. We believe that creative combustion is achieved not by isolated cells of pale, malnourished obsessives toiling in solitude, but happy, healthy, engaged humans, sharing resources and ideas.